Bible Institute

Welcome to the Bible Institute!

The Bible Institute is designed to assist in the study of God’s Word. There are many materials available for your home study through the Mail Box Club as well as our Tuesday evening discipleship studies which are open to the public.

See & Do courses 1 & 2 are for children 4 through 6 years of age. They present Bible truths through well-illustrated Bible stories, including a page to color and a Bible quiz designed for the parent to read to the child.

Story Time 1 & 2 are for ages 7 & 8, both studies are well illustrated with a short, continued story children can readily relate to, which bears out Biblical truth.

Explorers Club 1 & 2 are for those 9 & 10 years of age (and older) and those completing the Story Time Series. The lessons are excellent, basic Bible study material. Each lesson has a puzzle page emphasizing a truth from the lesson.

Overcomer’s is for those who have completed two courses of Explorers or Winners and even for teens and adults who have completed two basic courses. Overcomer’s is primarily for believers explaining the victorious life in a manor that is easily understood.

Winners Club A & B is for ages 11 & 12 and those completing the Explorers or overcomer’s series. This is a good study for those in the early teen years also. The lessons cover the basics of becoming a child of God and practical Christian living.

Light from the Gospel of John is a brief study of the book of John, an introductory salvation course for teens and adults.

A Country called Heaven is a study on basic salvation and Christian growth. Recommended as a first course for 13 through16 year olds and older teens and adults with limited reading ability.

New Life in Christ is for older teens and adults as a first course of study, teaching who God is and how to become personally related to Him. This study does not assume any prior Bible knowledge.
Love. Dating and Marriage is a vital series dealing specifically with problems of love, dating and marriage relating to teens and young adults.

Light from the Old Testament is a study of the revelation of the Gospel through the Old Testament for older teens and adults. An excellent companion study to the Fishers of Men and Harvesting for God soul winning series.

Basic Bible Truths is a study of the basic Christian Doctrines for older teens and adults.

Fishers of Men is a soul winner’s series for older teens and adults.

Winning the Race of Life is a series about how to have victory in the every-day life struggles of the Christian.

The Holy Spirits’ Ministry is a series for teens and adults on the much misunderstood Doctrine and ministry of the Holy Spirit

The Spirit World a study for teens and adults about the realities and influences of the spirit world in the Christian’s life.

The Christian’s Appearance is a study for teens and adults regarding the appearance of the Christian. Does God really care what His child looks like? Does the first impression really matter? What about “body piercing”? This comprehensive study by “Liberty Gospel Tracts” will challenge the heart of the believer.

Teach Me Lord is a story of stewardship by Truman Dollar. For teens and adults.

Harvesting for God is a series for teens and adults relating to personal evangelism. This study returns the student to the Scriptural understanding of witnessing.

Church Music is a Biblical look at the music the church uses, what it is and what it should be. For teens and adults.

Drinking Alcoholic Beverages is a study on the use of alcoholic beverages by Christians. Teens and adults.

Heaven. Hell. and Eternal Security is a study of the Biblical doctrines in each of these three areas. This is a vital study for the person who is actively involved in personal evangelism. For teens and adults.

Marriage consists of five books and is an in-depth study on Biblical commitment in marriage.

The King James Controversy is a comprehensive study for teens and adults on the authority of the King James Bible. Do we have the pure word of God? The scholars say that we do not, the fundamentalist say we do, who is right?

The Biblical Living Process is a study of the Christian walk and the Bible. It teaches how to study your Bible taking out of it only what God has said, not what we think nor what we have been taught, just what God said. Teens and adults.

Salvation a study guiding the student through the plan of salvation and security.

Baptism a study guide on the doctrine of baptism, its requirement, God’s method for teen and adult.

Practical Christian Living is a study of the Christian life style as expected by God. The how-to’s of being a Christian outside the church, at home, work. or school. Teen and adult.

The Church is a comprehensive study of the church and it’s responsibilities to the people it serves.