The Moving of the Spirit

October 18, 2020
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  All three made the world, and made us.  Made us special.  We need to listen, and allow the Holy Ghost to move.


October 4, 2020
Jesus is God, and deserves to be glorified.  What are you doing with your relationship with God?

A Lesson In Living

September 27, 2020
Are you living with Christ in your heart?  Are you showing the fruits of your salvation, fruits of your love?  God commands us to love one another, and obey His…

A Lesson in Love

September 20, 2020
Are you professing your Christianity through your actions, words, and the love you have for others?

Reflecting Christ

September 13, 2020
Are you letting God shine through you?  Have you acknowledged the sacrifice that Jesus made for your life?