Fellowship Baptist Church was first formed on July 21, 1972, sponsored by Grace Baptist church out of Portland, Maine. In the early stages of the church’s formation, there was no building to call our own. Services were conducted in the Augusta Grange Hall for adults, children were taught in the basement, the nursery was operating out of a closet and the teens were taught in a school bus. Baptisms were conducted at the Augusta YMCA since the Grange Hall was without a baptistry.

Members of this newly established church would walk behind the Grange Hall and pray for God to give us the land to build our own church on. God answered our prayers and in 1976, the foundation was poured and the first church service was conducted on top of the concrete slab. It was the first themed message, Old Fashioned Sunday. The church construction was completed later that year.

Since then, our church building has seen new heating systems, interior renovations, landscaping and Pastors… But one thing will never change and that is the foundation of faith from which this church was first established.

Fellowship Baptist Church Pastors:

  • Reverend Flippin for 7 years (1972-1979)
  • Reverend Morse for a little less than 6 years (1979-1985)
  • Reverend Williams for 30 years (1985-2015)
  • Pastor Rob Richards (January 2016 – present)

The Church Locations:

  • The Grange Hall (a mess hall that belonged to the American Legion. It is the building directly in front of the current church property and has been converted to another church) – 4 years
  • 237 Eastern Avenue from 1976 to the present.